Samantha Jenkins

Biography and previous work

I joined the University of Sheffield in 2013 and am currently undertaking the 4th year of an MEng in Bioengineering. A very broad degree, my extended research projects of note so far have been:

  • Evolution in cardiac valve material and design
  • Development of alternative monoclonal antibodies for treatment of cardiovascular disease
  • A design to prototype of a medical device highlighting on the skin the margin between healthy and cancerous basal cell tissue.

Current work

My research will focus on improving the protocols of silk reconstitution, with the aim of exploiting silk’s unique properties for use in biomedical applications.

Personal interests

In my spare time I enjoy cooking and baking alot (maybe a bit too much) as well as captaining a local amateur netball team.

Research Interests
  • Natural materials for biomedical applications
  • Reconstitution of natural materials, particularly silk.

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